Technology - The Black Box

For most people, the technology behind digital audio is a black box.   They push play on the CD player, or portable personal music device, or computer, and sound comes out.   Everything else is just magic.

Here at AudioBox we understand what goes on inside that black box, so we try to get the power of that magic out and keep the complexity out of the way.

To effectively use your computer as an audio appliance, it helps if you are aware of the properties of digital audio.

To be prepared for what might possible go wrong, you should be familiar with some of the common issues related to using a computer in a Pro audio environment

Before you can use your computer as a portable library with thousands of audio tracks at the tip of your fingers, you have to get the audio inside the box.   You can get music inside your computer by downloading it, ripping it, copying it from another audio source, or creating it from scratch.

There are thousands of programs that handle every imaginable aspect of audio creation and production.   The AudioBox focus is for audio-on-demand in a live production environment.   In other words, performance instead of authoring.

The audio that you are using as a part of that performance is probably compressed in some way, so you should know about compression and how it changes your music.

One very common form of compression is MP3, and you are likely to have several mp3 file on your computer, so we have a page with information you should know about mp3 files.

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