AMPS - AudioBox Media Player System

The AudioBox Media Player System transforms your computer into a professional grade audio source.   More than just a music player, it is a complete music management system for high quality audio.

The AMPS database organizes your library so you can build and design playlists, manage play history, and keep your audiences happy.

Beneath an easy and straightforward interface is a powerful audio core that decodes your audio data (compressed or uncompressed), manipulates the data as necessary, outputs the data at the highest possible quality level, and records your preferences.

AMPS is not just one software program but a family of applications designed to meet the needs of music professionals, audio enthusiasts, Mobile DJs, dance teachers, fitness professionals, event managers, coaches, stage performers, college students, and more.

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Feature comparison by license

Trial AMPS AMPSpro AMPSvmm
Free $40 $100 $200
AMPS Player Yes
1-2 Players
1 Player
2 Players
2 Players
Real-Time Dataase Searching Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrated DSP Yes Yes Yes Yes
Player Skins Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customizable Interface Yes - Yes Yes
Supports Unicode Yes Yes Yes Yes
AMPS Track Manager Yes Yes Yes Yes
User Defined Database Yes Yes Yes Yes
File Tag Scanner Yes Yes Yes Yes
File Tag Scanner Yes Yes Yes Yes
Media Manager (AMPSmm) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sound Effects (AMPSfx) Yes - Yes Yes
AMPSvmm Tools - - - Yes
Lyrics Scanner - - - Yes
Visual MultiMedia Player - - - Yes
MultiMedia Rules Editor - - - Yes

AMPS Player

It isn't just the music you have, it is how easy you can find it and play it.

Real-Time Database Searching
The biggest advantage of a music library database is that you can filter, sort, and group your songs in realtime.   Results are displayed clearly on your screen so you can easily move songs to playlists, view play history, manipulate playback parameters, edit id3 tags, or any one of several other tasks in a per track or batch basis.

Integrated Volume DSP
The volume level can be memorized for each track and allows you to define an amplitude of +/-96db giving a maximum volume range of 192db for each track.

Integrated Speed DSP
Integrated software based time-shifting (also known as speed adjustment, master pitch, or tempo shift) allows you to change the beat and tempo of the music without changing pitch. When you want to make your recording faster without making it sound like the chipmunks, AMPS delivers.

Integrated Pitch DSP
Integrated software based frequency adjustment, commonly known as pitch shifting, is supported by the AMPS core.

Integrated Fade Transitions
Integrated cross-fading allows for easy transitions between tracks using preset parameters or settings you control.

Player Skins
The graphics of the AMPS player can be skinned, so you can customize the look and feel of your screen.   You can download skins from http://www.ampspro.com or make your own.

Adaptive learning of playback parameters
The AMPS system is a hassle free professional production system.   The software memorizes how you play your tracks, stores the parameters and history in the database, and automatically uses the volume, speed, and pitch settings for each time you play a song.

Customizable Interface
The AMPS player is easy to start using, but power users sometimes want to show more on the screen.   With AMPSpro, you can show or hide system functions and rearrange the panels on the player screen to suir your personal preferences.   The interface can be customized in an almost infinite set of possbilities.   Arrange the player panels to hide, show, dock, stack, tile, float and fill as much or as little screen as you have to work with.

On-Screen Branding
As a part of the custom interface, AMPSpro has a screen panel specifically to enable you to proudly display your company brand or artwork on your player screen.

Supports Unicode
The vast majority of media player programs use file management instead of database management.   AMPS uses a database for track management, so it is the natural system of choice for people that manage music in multiple languages.   Using a database for music file management enables you to have the track title and the filename be in a foreign unicode langauge, or your language, and you don't have to be restricted by strange unicode or filename issues.

AMPS Track Manager

The heart of the AMPS system is the track manager.   You can customize the structure and organization of your music library in the track manager.

User Defined Database
The AMPS database manages your entire music library and any details you want on a per track basis.   Since the database structure can be customized by the user, you can tune it to suit your needs.

Database Templates
It takes time to build a custom database, so you can use a predefined template to start your database structure.   Predefined templates include Mobile DJ, Broadcast DJ, Dance Teacher, etc.

File Tag Scanner
Data can be imported and syncronized between the file tags and the user database.   Because of the built in support of id3v1, id3v2, and ape tags and combined with proper unicode handling, AMPS is a better tag editing programs than most dedicated tag editor software.

Supports multiple libraries per computer
The AMPS database manager lets you divide your computer into multiple libraries by having a database for each style that you need.   Each library is an isolated database, so you can tune your data customizations and play history.

Supports multiple groups per library
The AMPS track manager allows you divide your library into groups.   Each group shares track information (source file, track title) across the computer and group information (play history, speed, pitch) is specific to each group.

Media Manager (AMPSmm)

Media manager is a special purpose software tool used to inventory your entire audio media collection and organize it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Sound Effects (AMPSfx)

Take a music management program with thousands of tracks in a database, and what can you add to make it even better? Answer, 1000 tracks at the push of a hot-key. AMPSfx can be called a jingle player, a drops player, an effects library, or a sound sample library.  Call it what you like.  It loads a battery of 1000 audio tracks and lets you play or loop up to 16 tracks simultaneously.

AMPSvmm Tools

Connect your AMPS system to a projector, and you want to put more on the screen than the name of the track that is playing. Using the AMPSvmm tools, you can configure the screen to display track information, pictures, graphical banners, announcments,etc.

Lyrics Scanner
The lyrics scanner takes the built in support for notes and lyrics on a per track basis to the next level. The software can automatically link lyrics data to your media data for use with the display system.

Visual MultiMedia Player
The AMPSvmm display is a full screen application that can run on either a second screen of a DJ laptop or full screen on a networked laptop.   The decisions of what to display and how to display it are generated and controlled from the computer playing music.

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